Welcome to A Touch of Grace Ministries! Im Harold Sutton Senior Minister.
Our Sabbath Fellowship and Worship Gathering is held every Saturday 3:00 – 4:30 pm. at 1300 Ritchie Road, Capital Heights, Maryland right off of 495 beltway at Ritchie Marlboro Rd. and Ritchie Road in Prince Georges County Maryland.

We share in the joyful sounds of inspirational music, personal testimonies of how we overcome challenges through prayer faith and perseverance by the grace of God through the word of God. We join together in unity for corporate prayer to intercede on behalf of one another and our leaders both in ministry and government. We broaden our biblical horizons through the Word of God presentations from the Holy Scriptures from various ministers who serve in Ministry.

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Our Vision and Purpose

We are a no pressure ministry and we are not looking for members to join, we are simply looking for people to help serve in ministry to help others find their way to Salvation. The Vision is to prepare people from all nations races, cultures and backgrounds for the coming of the Lord. To build a people who will positively affect the educational, political and social fabric of society. To build men, women and children in the area of obedience to the word of God, exhibiting a life of Holiness, wholeness, prayer and praise that’s pleasing to God.

We are looking forward to fellowshipping with you and to serve with you in our quest to help all to receive the benefits of the Kingdom of God to prepare all that comes our way for the coming of the Lord!

Blessings to you and may the peace of God rest rule and abide with you ALWAYS!


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Contact Us

1. If you have a prayer request
2. Need counseling
3. Want to learn more about this ministry
4. Want to volunteer
5. Want to be baptized

Email Us: give a brief description of your request and leave your name and contact information.


church located:  1300 Ritchie Road, Capital Heights, Maryland